Saga: Volume 1

Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

I really enjoy graphic novels. They challenge the way I view great storytelling and that is important. However, comics are a totally different animal. I find the wide variety within the genre really intimidating. So I took the chance on this title that so many people have loved. If you’re like me then pick up Saga. It’s so funny but still a deeply engaging story. I could relate to both of the main characters, despite the fact that they aren’t even human, which kept me flipping pages as they fled for their lives. The art itself is beautiful. Complex and colorful, I paused many times to take in the whole panel. Go. Buy Saga. It’s so much fun.

The Golem and the Jinni

Helene Wecker

Whoa. People have been raving about this book for a while and I see why. It’s both history lesson and unconventional love story. History from all over the world, from 1890s America to ancient middle east.  The blending of cultures is astounding. I learned so much about Syrian culture and Jewish tradition as well as a glimpse into American at the turn of the 20th century from the squalor to the mansion parlor. I can’t recommend this enough. So beautiful and unexpected. She perfectly weaves several stories together in ways that a reader can follow and yet still feel surprised. Really masterful storytelling. I can’t wait for her next!

Solsbury Hill

Susan M. Wyler

I’m a huge fan of the classics (I even run the classics book club) so when I spotted this novel that had ties to one of my favorites, Wuthering Heights, I knew it was for me. Wyler does not disappoint. I loved this dark but quirky romance. It’s not an exact retelling but has elements from the novel woven into a modern story. And it certainly had me picking up my Bronte when I was done!

Land Of Love and Drowning

Tiphanie Yanique

I spent most of my time reading this book with my mouth agape. The story arcs over a few generations of a family from the Virgin Islands. It blends both fantastic folk lore and the complications of modern life seamlessly. Touching on such varied topics as race and religion to love and family values. But what makes it truly special is how it illuminates a new perspective on such moments in history as World War II and the civil rights movement of the 60s. A beautiful and complicated book by a talented new voice.


Rainbow Rowell

Started and finished all in one afternoon. It was laugh out loud funny. It was tear inducing romantic. It was satisfying and just what I wanted it to be. This is one of those books that I just relish putting into everyone’s hands in July. Just perfect. Which is what I am starting to expect from Rowell and she hasn’t let me down yet. SO. GREAT.